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How to keep your Clear Aligners Clear

How to clean Clear Aligners to keep them clean and clear. You are all set on your journey towards getting a beautiful smile. You have your clear aligners shipped to you, and you have started your treatment. But it is crucial for you to know how to clean your clear

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath!

How to Win the Bad Breath Game! Bad breaths are always an awkward situation, but they can be avoided by adopting a few simple lifestyle changes. Bad breath typically originates from poor dental hygiene. Usually, after eating food or consuming sugary beverages, food and sugar substances reside on your teeth

12 Reasons to Choose Clear Dental Aligners

12 Reasons to Choose Clear Aligners “Nothing you wear is more important than your smile, and a smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” Clear Aligners are also known as removable and invisible braces. It is a new technological advancement in Orthodontics to give an individual a confident, clear,